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Humidifier Review!

Hey everyone!

Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a blog. Finding the time and space to write creatively (and for longer than an Instagram caption) has apparently been difficult over the last few months! But this blog post isn’t about a catch up, life update, or anything else other than to review two humidifiers I’ve been testing out! So, let's get to it shall we?!

Full disclosure before we begin, I bought one of these humidifiers and the other I was gifted by the company (very grateful). The company of the humidifier I was gifted have generously offered you lovely lot a discount code; some of you may have already taken advantage of this as you may have seen it on my instagram, but if you haven't already used it, read through this blog and you'll find the details at the end 😏

Even though I was gifted one humidifier and I purchased another with my own money, I am going to be totally honest and unbiased in my review; I told the company who gifted me the humidifier that I would be honest, I don't feel obligated to praise their product just because it was gifted to me (I also don't feel obliged to praise the product I bought, just because I spent my hard earned cash on it!).

So, the two humidifiers I am reviewing for you today is the Nobebird humidifier (purchased) and the Elechomes EC5501 humidifier (gifted):

In the video above you can see the Nobebird humidifier on the left and the Elechomes humidifier on the right. I figured the best way to do this review was splitting the information I want to share into sections and discussing each humidifier in each section, what dya think? Well, I hope you said "yeah that's a great idea", because that's what I'm doing 😉 So here goes...


I know aesthetics, style and interior design are not of interest to some people. Many people like practical things and as long as it does the job then it doesn't matter how it looks.

Well, I'm not one of those people.

Our home is mostly decorated in a neutral colour pallet, the plants are our decor, they make the place feel alive and jungly and I love that! What I don't love is when something distracts from the plants, I want them to be centre stage 😍 So, with that in mind:

Nobebird humidifier

I like the design of this humidifier. The aesthetics definitely played a part in me purchasing it. It's got a slim line kind of design, its mostly tank, so the top section is basically invisible; definitely not going to distract from the plants. The base is subtle, its white so fits in with a lot of my home decor and style. The screen is minimal, with a white light; also not too distracting. With this humidifier you also have the option of having the tank lit up; you can choose to have it fading through a spectrum of colours or choose one colour to stay on, or no tank light at all, I mostly choose to not have it lit up.

Elechomes humidifier

I don't like this design, there's no nice way to say it, I'm sorry, this design just isn't for me. It's a large white rectangle with bright red glowing lights for the screen. My eye is always drawn to this humidifier, I find it distracting, it's bulky and in my opinion, ugly (#sorrynotsorry). However, I have turned it to the side and it is slightly less offensive that way around as it is the tank that is the most visible from the side. So, I suppose it depends on the space you have, I have the space to turn this tank around to allow it to fit in with my aesthetic, or perhaps, you don't mind how it looks!

Above you can see the front of the Nobebird humidifier, the Elechome humidifier from the side and the front of the Elechomes screen.


I know the noise some humidifiers make can be upsetting for individuals, others won't notice the noise they make but I just wanted to write a lil section for those who do wonder how loud they are.

Nobebird humidifier

The sound of the fog being produced is very minimal, it is certainly not silent, but is very minimal. However, I have noticed that there is a slight 'plopping' sound, like a subtle gurgling at times. I quite like the sound but may not be want you want if you're planning on having this humidifier on in your bedroom at night whilst you're trying to sleep, multiple bathroom trips anyone?! The Nobebird has a beep when any button is pressed, it's not the worst sound in the world but I'm definitely not a fan. I was hopeful that when you set the humidifier to 'sleep' mode, which turns the light off of the screen, that the beep would switch off too, but it does not unfortunately.

Elechomes humidifier

Similar to the Nobebird the sound of this humidifier generating the fog is very minimal, the kind of sound you would expect to here from a humidifier. I haven't noticed the plopping gurgling noise from this humidifier though. This one also beeps when the buttons are pressed but! unlike the Nobebird, once the sleep mode setting has been pressed the noise does not return! Woo! a big plus in my books. The beep on the Elechomes humidifier is particularly loud!

Fog settings and length of use

Each of these humidifiers have three fog settings; depending on the amount of fog you would like to come out will impact on how long the water will last in the tank. Our home naturally sits around 40% humidity; during the time I've been testing out these humidifiers we have had some pretty damp, rainy days (good ol' British summer time!). On rainy days the natural humidity can rise to 60% without the humidifiers on. During those days I was reluctant to put the humidifiers on as we rent our home and I do not want to have a problem with mould due to myself creating a very damp environment with a moisture-making machine.

Having said all that, the tanks do take a little while to empty, but if you live in a dryer environment with much lower humidity then they will need filling up more more frequently!

Ease of set up, use and cleaning.

Both of these humidifier are extremely simple to set up, they do both come with clear instructions but I think most will be able to figure it out without having to read the instruction manual. Again, using the humidifiers is really quite simple, they both come with remote controls so you can change settings whilst chilling on the sofa, and the buttons are fairly simple to figure out. They both do come with fairly clear instructions on what each of the buttons do. Both humidifiers will allow you to set an optimal humidity level, so you choose the level of humidity you want your home to sit at and then leave the humidifier alone. It will turn itself off once it hits that level and will turn back on once the humidity starts to fall below that level. I have only tried this once on each humidifier, but both were easy to set up and did keep the humidity at the 65% I'd asked them to.

Cleaning humidifiers is never really fun, definitely not my favourite job but to be fair, both of these are fairly simple (although the Nobebird is much easier). I'm placing some photos of the instructions for cleaning each humidifier below; on the left is the Nobebird instructions and the middle and right photos are for the Elechomes humidifier.


Now, you may not think the nozzle is of much interest, but let me tell you, it is! Or, at least I think it is. When I say nozzle I mean the little spout thing the fog comes out of. On both these humidifiers the nozzle has 360 degree rotation, which is really cool! You don't have to move the humidifier around whilst it's full of water, let's face it, that's an accident waiting to happen! You can just move the nozzle to point in the direction would like most of the fog to be hitting!

The Elechomes definitely has the Nobebird beat in the nozzle department... it has two! That's right, two nozzles! Which move independently of each other and therefore you can have them pointing in opposite directions, the same direction, at 10 and 2! The possibilities are endless (well, not really, but ya get my excitement!). I do really love the two nozzle feature of the Elechomes humidifier.

Filling the tank

Ok, I think this is an important thing to discuss. I was so sure that a top filling tank would be the one for me. It's one of the reasons I purchased the Nobebird humidifier!

You don't have to lift the tank up and lug it over to the sink to fill it up and then you don't have to carry the water filled tank back to it's spot and reattach it to the base! Ideal right?! Well, so I thought... Instead you take the lid off and fill it up where it stands and this means multiple trips to and from the sink, walking back and forth with whatever vessel you have to hand to fill the tank up... 5.5L is a big tank to fill people! It can take a lot of trips! And I know, I know, you might have a large watering can, or water bottle that you can fill and only need to do one trip from the sink to the tank, but tell me this... How is that any different to a bottom filling tank?... You're right, it's not. So, I've realised, I actually prefer filling up the Elechomes humidifier, it is bottom filling. You take the tank off of the base, turn it upside down, unscrew the cap and fill 'er up! Put the cap back on and take it back to the base, popping it back on and you're good to go. One trip, one and done! Simple. I like simple.

So, in conclusion, I do like both, I wish there could be an amalgamation (I don't think I've ever written that word before, had to check the spelling, it is a strange looking word!) of the two humidifiers. I really like the design of the Nobebird and I really like the double nozzle and bottom filling tank of the Elechomes. I've really debated over which one I'd choose if i could only keep one. I'm still debating it, like really struggling to choose! It's just because design and aesthetics are important to me, I like my home to feel cohesive, minimal, but jungly. The Nobebird fits in better here than the Elechomes does, but, having said that, I think if I asbolutely had to choose, I would choose the Elechomes humidifier! The practicality of the bottom filling tank and that double nozzle is just too good to pass up on! There you have it, even though it's on the ugly side (sorry) and its clunky and doesn't fit in with my environment, the Elechomes humidifier would be my choice out of the two ( I've really surprised myself!) If the Nobebird had a bottom filling tank I think I would have chose that one, without a doubt, but there we go 🤷‍♀️

I couldn't not add this lil GIF from friends along with Ross and his moist-maker! Anyone else a friend's fan out there?!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, or you can pop over to Instagram and ask one over there! Thanks so much for reading this blog post xoxo

Oh yeah... the link and the discount code!

Click here for the link

The 20% discount code is: ELE5501INS

The discount code ends on the 31st of August!

If you do end up purchasing one of these humidifiers let me know what you think of it over on Instagram! Anyway, thanks again for reading this review! xoxo

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